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Untangled Tail Dog Grooming

Accepting new dog clients under 25lbs on an under 8 week schedule starting September 5, 2023


Grooming Cats & Dogs for since 1993! We strive to give you and your pet an "untangled" experience.   Pet safety and positive experience is my priority. Most pets were mostly groomed straight through, however with tardiness and no shows on the rise again, this has resulted in no more complimentary express service.  With continued rising costs and that I was underpriced to start with.  Taken into consideration my experience, along with quality all inclusive products and service provided.  I will be making major adjustments in pricing and scheduling.   Dogs will be scheduled in an overlapping manner.   Small dogs will still be finished in under 3 hours.  If you have multiple dogs time might extend.

By appointment only.  Please visit Appointment page to complete forms needed to schedule an appointment.  Look forward to meeting your pet.






  Most grooms will still be done under 2 to 3 hours tops. 


At this time only accepting new dog clients that commit to an under 8 week schedule.

  In addition, must be under 25lbs.   Under 7 months with no medical issues or aggressive behavior.

Existing clients over 25lbs will still be accommodated if they stay under an 8 week schedule.  If your pup is under 5 years with no pre existing health or aggressive behaviors please provide previous groomers contact information to be added to my schedule. 


   Please see Cat grooming page for information on cat grooming.



Policy on fleas:  One or two fleas that clearly weren't known to owner only a $35. added charge.  Heavy flea infestation that was not pretreated and did not alert groomer at time of appointment, requires a much more detailed cleanup of entire salon.  Charge will be according to time and products needed and will be significantly higher than the $35. base charge.  Please pretreat and make groomer aware.  I have many clients that have severe reactions to just one flea bite, that can take months to restore skin to normal.  That is why many of these clients come to Untangled Tail.


Deskunking:  Please apply cornstarch immediately to the skunk oil while wet to start absorbing the oil.  deskunking service is only offered to Untangled Tail clients that have been consistently coming to Untangled Tail on a regular under 8 week schedule.  As well it needs to be scheduled when salon is empty and will have time to air out in order for scent not to be absorbed on other clients.   The treatment is an additional $40. and depending on how long the oil was left in may not completely get out the entire scent.


Cancellation Policy:    48 hours notice is needed.  Please text 617.389.3153 to cancel or reschedule.  You can email, however, I do not see emails as quickly as a text.  I will do everything I can to fill your spot.  Any notice at all helps.  Sadly, I do have to charge for spots I couldn't fill.  Price will depend on amount of time blocked out.  Base being $80.  for haircut dogs.   I am sorry for the emergency that kept you from making your appointment.   Again, I always do my best to fill the spot for you.  Even if I can lower your missed appointment fee a bit.


 Salon space is small, most clients want their dog out as fast as possible.   You are usually given a pretty accurate pick up time, however sometimes on new clients , overdue clients, or another earlier client was late and schedule thrown off it's difficult to be precise on pick up time.  I usually  text or call 30 minutes to being done or give pickup time at dropoff.   


If you are needing to leave your pup longer than the time it takes to complete groom, I am happy to do that.  Please let me know when making appointment or at very least at drop off .  Days and hours open vary day to day, so please don't plan on this without permission or late pick up fees will be incurred.  


Thank you all for over 30 years of client loyalty.  Thank all of you again for keeping a extra tiny small business open in these trying times.  Brenda

Please like and follow Untangled Tail on Facebook to get any updates, such as weather cancellations. 

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